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Introduction to TheInterbiz

TheInterBiz.com was set up during the summer of 2006 as a business site to offer business opportunities and software for the growing number of people who are looking, towards the Internet to provide a second or primary source of income . The site owner and CEO David Ogden is at present residing in Cyprus having taken early retirement from full time work in the Oil Industry where he had been involved with many projects. The company he worked for relied on mainframe computing and he was one of the first people in the company to use one of the early IBM PCs and eventually set up the first in-house Novell network. The mainframe computers were eventually phased out and in the early days the system support personnel would often seek his advice. David Ogden successfully implemented some software which helped predict the cost of chartering North Sea Supply Vessels and this proved quite successful whilst he was working in the marine department negotiating Charters.

David Ogden retired in 2000 and initially moved to Cyprus to concentrated on the sport of adventure racing. He had set up team International Adventurers during 1999 and used TheInterbiz as a tool to support his team. When prices in Cyprus increased prior to joining the European Union he decided to move to Malaysia.. Initial plans were to continue with the sport of adventure racing and try to organize an expedition race based in Sabah. The cost of organizing a race requires a large amount of funding and so the idea of raising money by running a business enterprise on the Internet was born.

2007 saw a year of change for TheInterBiz.com , A reviews of the 1st year showed that there was money to be earned on the Internet, but with so many competing opportunities little profit can be made so a decision was made to concentrate on one core business and start promoting a marketing system to help new business owners.

2008 and TheInterbiz.com became TheInterBiz LLC with an Office In the USA in order to trade in the USA and Canada. TheInterBiz LLC is the holding company for marketing, Health and wellness products in the USA and Australia and Marketing systems worldwide.

2011 saw formation of an office for TheInterBiz in Zanorte with the aim of helping local people with their internet marketing efforts which also included a joint venture with Property Wikia which failed at the end of the year.

2012 saw the launch of a Daily online business and Sports Paper latest issue is shown below.

2013 saw the formation of an office in Cyprus

2014 saw the launch of a new marketing system

2015 saw a return to the UK to start marketing cashback shopping

2013 saw David moving once again back to Cyprus, the timing was not great due to an economic crisis, however it is at such times that people are searching for new solution to improve their business and prosperity

David Ogden
CEO TheInterBiz LLC

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